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Seat Mod FAQ                                    

 How do you do it:
  Ancient Chinese secret..........just kidding...actually I use a process that was developed by me, it involves 
  undercutting the original seat foam from the nose to the tail and using it as a form only, then replacing the removed foam with 
  different types, shapes and densities of  material between the original pan and the form.  Some seats require some minor pan
  modifications to relieve specific pressure points.  This allows the seat shape to remain the same at rest, but change once weight
  is applied.  It also ensures that your stock cover fits correctly and the surface "skin" on the stock foam is left uncut, so the seat
  remains smooth and water proof. 
  This unique method also allows your seat to have different parts of the seat feel..well....different.  You can have firm support in
  the thighs for good bike control, medium support on the tail bone for long distance comfort, and a softer mid line to take pressure
  off of your more sensitive parts. This process is done completely by hand, no mechanical grinders or electric turkey knives. 
  Since material is not being added to the top of the seat it also allows many seats to be lowered (but not raised) without effecting
  the increased comfort level.  It takes longer and requires more experience, but I feel the results are well worth the extra effort. 
  Unlike the traditional method of grinding away at your seat to form a new shape, this type of modification is not only reversible,
  but can be re-shaped if your needs change. Each seat is different and tailored to your needs, so please contact me directly for
  more information.                             

 What makes and models do you work on:  Just about any stock seat can be improved. If you can describe your problem areas,
  together we can form a plan to make the seat right for you. The list of seats I do not handle is very short, but there are some.
  **Goldwing riders please go HERE

 What will it look like:  My process does not change the stock look much, if at all. Please see the Gallery page for samples.
 Where can I find rider reviews:  I could post reviews and e-mails on my site but would rather you hear it directly from other
  riders and be able to join in and ask questions.  Please visit, ,, ST1300.US , 
  Maximum Suzuki, or ZZR Riders, or any one of the many other great rider forums for a sample of Sport, Sport Touring, and 
  Dual Sport reviews.  Or just follow the forum links on the Friends page.

 How much does it cost:  For a two section seat the riders section comfort mod is $50, lowering at the same time is an additional
  $10, the passenger section at the same time is an additional $25*. For a one piece seat the riders area comfort mod is $50,
  lowering at the same time is an additional $10, the passenger area done at the same time is an additional $15*
  "LD" upgrade pricing is based on the amount of Supracor used in your model, usually adds $25 to $35 (e-mail for quote)
  (*passenger section/area pricing is only valid when done together with the riders section/area)

 How long will it take:  I strive for a 24/48 hour turn around once a seat is received. This of course is based on work load. If you
  are pressed for time please contact me so we can discuss your specific needs. 

 What is Supracor:  Supracor is the new material that has replaced Flex Gel and is added to your seat in the "LD" (longer distance)
  upgraded modification. It is a "honeycomb" of thermoplastic urethane material that was developed for aerospace and medical
  applications where a form fitting, supportive,flexible, breathable, and shock reducing surface is needed. (please see the Supracor detail
  photo on the Gallery page) It is nothing like the normal gel pads used in most other motorcycle seats, it is not a solid block of material,
  it is "breathable", does not hold heat,  it does not harden in cold weather, it is much lighter, more flexible and durable.  It is used between
  the seat pan and reshaped seating surface to create a "suspension" in the skeletal contact area, increasing comfort, reducing vibration,
  soaking up shock, and reducing fatigue.   Each model "LD" upgrade is priced separately, please contact me directly for a quote.
  Supracor has the same benefits of the previously used Flex gel but is newer technology, much lighter in weight actually allowing your
  seat to be lighter after modification.  It also allows more flexibility in application, allowing it to be used in even the thinnest sport bike seats.
  Its higher cell density also helps to eliminate any floating or rebounding  feeling so that unlike the Flex Gel it can be used in passenger
  seats and the passenger sections of single piece seats.    *For a full detail of the Supracor material please go HERE 

Whats in a name: So is it Spencer or Frank? Actually both names are correct. My first name is Frank but it is also my Fathers,
  Grandfathers, and his Fathers, so my friends call me Spencer :)


 How do I ship my seat:  First e-mail me before shipping so that we can discuss your needs and the current schedule, do not ship
  unless we have made contact.  I recommend using UPS or FedEx. They deliver to me every day and I am able to return ship directly
  from the distribution center in my area. It cuts days off of your down time. Please refer to my ORDER FORM for shipping
  instructions.  You can click the links above for their shipping rate calculator. You can also find a map of estimated shipping times
  on the Contact page. Please, if at all possible do not ship using the US Postal Service, they do not include any insurance in the
  rate, do not have progress tracking, and will be more expensive.  If you must ship using the postal service it WILL add one to three
  days to your turnaround time as I must take time out of the schedule to deliver it to the post office. The only seats that I have ever had
  lost or damaged where sent USPS.  I do not have a local DHL shipping center only unsecured drop boxes so cannot return ship via DHL.
  COD deliveries will be refused without question. I personally take delivery of every seat and will send you an e-mail when your seat arrives
  so no need to pay extra for "signature service". 

 As of March 1st, 2010 I no longer accept seats shipped from and/or back to addresses outside of the US.

 How do I make shipping really easy and save a bunch of $$$:  While I personally feel that privately owned shipping stores grossly
  overcharge for their packing services, purposely use too large a box, over insure, and tack on unacceptable additional "service" fees to
  run up their commission, for many the convenience outweighs the additional cost so how you pack and ship is completely up to you :)
  Please remember that UPS Stores, FedEx Office, FedEx Kinko's, and UPS @ Office Depot are not UPS or FedEx, they are separate
  private businesses. But i
n about two minutes you can open your own UPS or FedEx account, print your shipping and return labels right
  at home, save a bunch of $$$$ on the shipping cost, then just drop them off.  Anyone can do this on line by visiting their sites here :  
                                     UPS Account Sign up                     FedEx Account Sign up  
 If I overnight my seat will it get done quicker:  No, not unless we have prearranged a specific arrival date and discussed you
  expediting the shipping.  In order to maintain my turnaround the schedule is built based on ground shipping times from your 
  location.  Overnight, 2-day, expedited, or Priority shipping your seat without previous discussion will only cost you a bunch of 
  $$$and cause your seat to sit here waiting on your original scheduled spot.  Every riders seat is important so the schedule will 
  not be adjusted.
 How should I pack my seat:  Carefully, I recommend placing it in a large garbage bag, then in the smallest box it will fit in,
  (your shipping cost will go up dramatically with an oversize box) surrounded on all sides with crumpled newspaper, (I like to read
  the news from your area ) paying special attention to protecting the ends Your seat will be returned in the same box, packed the
  same way as you did, I will not be responsible for seats damaged in shipping, damaged boxes will be returned unopened.  When
  packing the magic number is 54. Try to do everything you can to keep your box size under 54" combined length + width + height. 
  Under this dimension your shipping will be based on actual weight.  Over this you are charged "dimension weight".  In other words
  they add weight to compensate for an over sized box and your rate goes up quickly. Pack it up as light, tight, and as small as  possible, 
  then mark it "TOP LOAD ONLY".  Do not seal it up until you have made arrangements with your  shipper. **A word about packing
  peanuts, if you must use them make sure your seat is not in direct contact with them. Something about the styrene and the vinyl doesn't
  mix. They end up sticking to your seat and are a pain to clean off.   

  UPDATE : Early in the first quarter of 2015 all carriers went to size based pricing for all packages. Weight basically means nothing
  anymore and everything is dependent on the box size so while there is still a jump at 54" getting it as small as you can will seriously effect
  the charge. They claim to have done this to deter mass shippers like Amazon from shipping thimbles in refrigerator boxes but most feel it
  is an effort to have us little guys offset the discounts they give the large companies. Someone has to pay for all the "free two day shipping".
  What this comes down to is its best if you find an oversize box and cut it down, or fit two smaller boxes together so your seat can fit in the
  smallest finished box possible for the lowest shipping rates.You will probably have to get creative with a razor knife and some packing tape
  but a little time and effort will be well worth it. It does not have to be pretty, or even rectangular. You also don't need allot of packing material,
  most important is as previously mentioned  to place the seat in two plastic trash bags to prevent it from rubbing against the box. Fitting tightly
  in as small a box as possible so it can't move protects it more than a huge box with lots of loose packing and paying to ship me a bunch of
  your local air. One positive is that you no longer have to worry about weighing your box, a best guess is good enough.

 What about return shipping:  When you ship your seat out, have your shipper print a prepaid return shipping label back to you
  and drop it in the box with the seat. This way you know your seat will return to the desired address, you have control of the cost,
  and you will have your tracking number both ways. **Some shippers have a problem with prepaid return labels and insist on
  processing a "pick up ticket" If your shipper operates this way have them issue the pick up for the next weekday after the expected
  delivery date (delivery Friday/Pick up Monday). All shippers use the same systems so if they say they can't handle a return it means
  they either won't or don't know how. If they say they can only process a return using a more expensive shipping method then they are
  just trying to get into your wallet and I would take your business elsewhere. If you don't use the on line service you can just include your
  account number and account billing zip code on the order form and I can process your return from here. You could also include a filled
  out ground shipping document for either carrier if you prefer. As a last resort you can include your return shipping cost (same as your
  outbound) with your modification payment. Please note that if I handle your return from my end I only ship regular ground and the 
  carrier is at my discretion. I do not return ship using the Postal Service. Also if you can return ship to a business address (your work
  for instance) it will reduce your return shipping cost. 

  If you open an  account (You must open an account, you will not have the option of creating a return shipment with a one time credit
  card shipment) with UPS and process your shipment on line, on the last page where you print your outbound label there is a prompt
  asking if you want to process a return, you can also process a return from the drop down "Shipping" tab at the top of the page.
  If using the FedEx site on the shipment page you click the "Prepare Shipment" tab for a drop down menu then click "Create Return
  Shipment". This works for all forms of shipments including ground. If you prefer to not open an account or just do a one time credit
  card shipment then for your return just create a separate shipment from my address back to yours. The shipment date does not matter,
  your shipment is good for 30 days regardless of the date and your tracking will update once the return label is used.
 Why don't you include return shipping in your price:  As I work on many makes and models of seats, and every rider will
  pack differently, it is impossible to predict the return shipping cost. I could over estimate the cost but that would not be fair to you.
  It also helps to keep your modification cost down. The few extra minutes you spend at your shipper, saves me hours of work each
  week. Your time invested saves everyone money.
 What should I include with the seat:
 A copy of the ORDER FORM, your prepaid return shipping label, and payment if not
  using PayPal.  If you have a photo of you in riding position it would also be appreciated.

 How can I pay for my mod:  I prefer that you include a check* or money order in the box with with your seat. 

              Please make checks and money orders payable directly to:  Frank S. Turnier

  Can you guess what the "S" stands for :) Or you can use PayPal to process a credit card payment. If you would like me to send
  you a payment request through my commercial PayPal account (you don't have to have one) after your seat arrives just please write
  "Bill me" in the payment area on the order form. My PayPal account is my E-mail address. Any other method must be approved before
  you ship, please contact me directly. (*checks are verified electronically after receipt so there is no delay in service)

 Do you re-cover seats:  Not at this time, my goal is to provide you with comfortable seat at a reasonable price. It is usually more
  cost effective to replace a damaged seat rather than repair it.  If your seat foam is in good shape but your cover has a little damage
  I do have a list of aftermarket replacement cover suppliers (Yamaha is the only manufacturer who sells replacement covers for their
  seats) if your seat is in good shape ( not duct taped together) but you need a new cover you can try one of these :
  SAS   B&H classics   NZ dirt bike covers   Dirt bike covers   AMS covers - various    Metzi sport skinz   Luimoto   HT Moto

 Do you do "ride in" mods:  Not at this time, I have pre-scheduled seats shipped in from all over every day, the schedule is tight,
  and with my promised turn around time it is crucial that I keep on track. As much as I would enjoy your visit, It is just too easy
  to spend an afternoon talking bikes and telling lies. :) Currently seats are done strictly on a shipped in basis only.

 Do you work on seats that are not stock:  Some yes and some no but I will not touch any Corbin or Russell. I have many
  options so that we can get your seat fitted to you and your riding style. If you have an after market seat, please contact me directly
  so we can discuss your specific needs.

 eBay - Forum - and third party purchased seats: Please do not purchase a used seat on line and have it shipped directly to me.
  Due to problems with too many third party purchased seats arriving in far from represented condition, damaged, severely weathered, 
  or having previous work done, I no longer accept seats shipped in from unknown third party sellers. Usually there is a reason they are
  being sold and too much can be hidden in a photo. Some where not even the seat purchased and because they where sent directly to
  me and not the actual buyer, eBay does not accept responsibility for the sale and I can no longer accept that liability. Basically if you
  haven't seen it and can verify it's condition I cannot accept it for work. 

 If your seat is damaged or has been previously modified in any way:  whether it was by you, a previous owner, a buddy that
  thought he knew what he was doing, or a guy down the street that does auto upholstery,  it must be approved before you ship.  
  **I  reserve the right to refuse work on any seat that is in my opinion not suitable for modification** 

 What can be done to make the stock seat even better: In many riders opinions a modded stock seat combined with an
  ALASKA LEATHER unpadded sheepskin cover, is all most will ever need. Short of hard core Iron Butt rides (not that it can't
  be done) this combination of reshaping the seat combined with a breathable layer between you and the vinyl makes for comfortable
  all day rides in any weather. I have contacted Alaska leather and if you enter "deadsheep" (one word, all lower case) in the
  coupon section of their order page you will receive a 10% discount on your entire order.

 How do I submit a photo for the Gallery:  Please send comments and pics of you and/or your bike to 

 Phone policyI have a small operation and prefer it this way. I do not have someone who answers the phone for me, calls are taken
  as I am able.  As I personally work on every seat this is difficult so most calls are forwarded to my voice mail in an effort to keep the
  schedule on track and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.  E-mail is absolutely the best way to get a quick and complete
  answer to your questions.  Thank you for  understanding that getting your seat done right, in a timely manner, is most important to me.

 Attn: Dealers, Vendors, and third party installers:  I only work directly with private riders, I do not work through dealers, shops,
  or third party installers. I also do not sell raw materials or "do it yourself" kits.

  Thanks and ride safe, Spencer