SmartBoard Page


Files to download
Checklist of Items to discover with the SmartBoard  Word Doc
BasicManual - pdf with all the basics clearly illustrated
All about the Floating Toolbar  (.pdf file) This is the side toolbar that shows up when you start
Toolbars   (.pdf file) This is the main toolbar in the program
Working with the gallery  (.pdf file) Clipart, animated things, interactive tools, timer, dice, etc.
Collect and Share   (.pdf file)  Screen Capture
SmartNotebook Activity Guide  (.pdf file) Designing lessons beforehand
Lesson Activity Toolkit (.pdf)
Smart tools  (.pdf file)  Things like the spotlight, magnifier, Auto shape maker

SmartTech Resources
Online Help Center - Everything about everything
Secondary video on using MathTools

DEAD Links
Kenton County Smartboard Resources - by topic
Longwood High School, NY
Longwood Jr. High, NY