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Classwork and Homework: 

Feb. 7
The Secret Life of 118 Green Street
The film that we watched in class is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1xiZiM0_bM

Feb. 1
Notes are here S180201UV2.pdf

Jan. 31
Notes are here S180131UV2.pdf

Jan. 30
Notes are here S180130UV1.pdf

Jan. 26
Dragon Illusion Video is here
The models to print are here: 
Dragon Illusion Blue.pdf
Dragon Illusion Green.pdf
Dragon Illusion Red.pdf
Cat_Illusion like dragon.jpg
Robot_Dog illusion like dragon.jpg
Skeleton Illusion like the dragon.pdf

Jan. 23
Start Light unit - notes are here S180123StartLight.pdf

Jan. 22, 23 Retest

Retest for this test are on Tuesday Lunch and Wednesday before school, lunch, and after school.  The form to do this is here Retake Notice 8th grade Earth Science.pdf

January 18
- Unit Test
Review for the test is here

Answer key for the review is here Earth Science 3 Final Review Answers.pdf

Jan. 16 - Go over Test Review

Jan. 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan. 12
Snow day

Jan. 11
Review for the test is here

Jan. 10 - Career Center Visit for 8th Grade

Jan. 9

Jan. 8 - Welcome Back

Winter Break **********************************************************

Dec. 17
We went over the
Plate Boundaries Notes sheet.
Video of the ES3 Plate Tectonics Project is here
Instant karma video that we watched a few minutes of, is here .

Dec. 15
Plate Boundaries Notes sheet is here

Dec. 14 - Snow Day!

Dec. 11

Notes from today are here S171211BoundaryMotion.pdf
Hotspot formation video 1 (3 min) is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG-Sy0y08GM
Video 2 ( 1.5 min) is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryrXAGY1dmE
Video 3 (26 min) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrKTuCDierM

Dec. 8

Dec. 1
Notes are here S171201ConvectionInTheEarth.pdf

Nov. 30

Sea Floor Speading https://youtu.be/ZzvDlP6xd9o

Nov. 29
We did Activity 2.2 from IQWST ES3 unit
Notes are here S171129Activity2-2MoreEvidenceForWegener.pdf
Alfred Wegener Song is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1-cES1Ekto

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 20
Notes are here S171120Buoyancy1.pdf

Nov. 16
Notes are here S171116Density.pdf

Nov. 14
Notes are here S171114Density.pdf

Test Retake Form is here Test Retake 8th Grade Science PS.pdf

Oct. 27

The video we watched on the science of carnival games is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk_ZlWJ3qJI

Pool full of Orbeez

Snowball Machine Gun

Test on Thursday, Oct. 26

Test review is here PS test Review IQWST.pdf
Answers to the test review are here Review answers.pdf
Topic words are here Science Vocabulary.pdf

Oct. 19
Notes are here S171019GraphingMotion.pdf

Oct. 18
Notes are here S171018FequalsMA2.pdf

Oct. 1
Notes are here S171016FrictionFequalsMA.pdf

Oct. 12
Notes from today are here S171012Acceleration.pdf

Oct. 11
Students worked on Reading 4.3 from our online textbook.

Oct. 10
The class watched a video on hovercrafts here

Oct. 9
Today students rode the hovercraft as part of our study of friction.

Oct. 6
Notes are here S171006Friction2.pdf

Oct. 5
Notes are here S171005Friction.pdf

Sept. 28
Notes are here S170928GraphSetup.pdf

Sept. 26

Notes are here S170926Graphing2.pdf

Sept. 25
Notes are here S170925Elasticity.pdf


Sept. 20
Notes are here S170920ForcePairModels.pdf

Sept. 18
Notes for today are here S170918ContactAndDistantForces.pdf


Sept. 15
Notes from today are here S170915ForcePairs.pdf

Sept. 14
We did activity 2.1 where students observed an apparatus and made notes.  We are working toward identifying force pairs in systems. Activity 2_1 worksheet.pdf

Sept. 13

Notes from today are here S170913aVernier Caliper.pdf

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