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Classwork and Homework: 

Dec. 12
The People in the Boat Lab, day 1, is here

Dec. 11
Work day

Dec. 10
Notes are here S181210Buoyancy.pdf
Floating in the Dead Sea video is here


Dec. 7 -
Anniversary of 28 years of teaching for me
Notes are here S181207DensityIntoBuoyancyb.pdf

Dec. 6
Notes are here S181206Density.pdf

Dec. 4
Notes are here S181204Density.pdf

Dec. 3
Notes are here S181203StartDensityAndBuoyancy.pdf


Nov. 30
Homework is to complete the Dimensional Analysis Conversion Practice Worksheet through number 18

Nov. 27
Notes from today are here S181128DimensionalAnalysisDay2.pdf
Handout from today is here Dimensional Analysis Conversion practice.pdf
Homework is to complete numbers 1-9 before coming to class tomorrow.

for this last test is Thursday and Friday of this week (Nov. 29, 30)
Before school (starts at 7:30)
After school

The retest should be able to be finished in just one session.

Nov. 27
Notes from today are here S181127StartDimentionalAnalysis.pdf


Nov. 15
Answer key to the review is here 

Nov. 14
Review for the test is here

Nov. 13
Origins of measurements, and body ratios

Nov. 12

Test Friday

Nov. 11
Egg Drop Day!


Nov. 8
Today, a small project was assigned which is due on Monday.
The assignment sheet is here
The form for the Written Part is here
The grading sheet is here

Nov. 6
No School - Conferences

Nov. 5
Notes are here S181105AccelerationPrepForProject.pdf


Nov. 2
Notes from today are here S181102GraphParts.pdf
Assignment is to make a proper graph using all that we covered today.  It should be using the data from one of the data tables provided.
Data for Girls
Data for boys
Graph paper with heavy lines included
Graph paper without heavy lines

Oct. 31
Notes are here S181031HareAndLynxGraphing.pdf
Today's assignment is here Graph for hare and lynx.pdf

Oct. 30
Notes from our graphing follow-up are here S181030GraphingStartb.pdf

Oct. 29
We did our Graph Matching lab - no notes


Oct. 25
Notes are here S181025Acceleration.pdf

Oct. 24
No notes

Oct 23
Notes are here S181023BernoulliContinued.pdf

Oct. 22
Notes are here S181022BernoulliRevisited.pdf


Oct. 18
Notes are here S181018StartBernoulli.pdf

Oct. 17
No notes today

Oct. 16
Notes are here S181016Bearings.pdf

Oct. 15
Notes are here S181015Friction3.pdf


Oct. 12
Notes are here S181012FrictionDay2.pdf
Video of Whoop-de-doos is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYGMswitDeg

Oct. 11
Notes from our friction lab are here S181011FrictionLabWithLabquest.pdf

Oct 10
Vernier LabQuest training for students

Oct. 9
Notes are here

Oct. 8
Catch-up and Clean-up day - no notes

Retest times and conditions announced today

Wednesday, and Thursday Oct. 10 and 11 – Before school with Mr. Keith

o    Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 10 and 11 – Lunch with Mr. Keith

o    Wednesday, and Thursday Oct. 10 and 11 – After school with Mr. Keith


Oct. 3
Notes are here S181003Newtons2nd.pdf

Test on Tuesday, Oct. 2

Oct. 1
Notes from today are here S181001ReviewDay2.pdf


Sept 28
Answer key is here Key for test Review.pdf

Secret Message:

Don't forget to drink your Ovaltine!

Sept 27
Test Review is here
Science vocabulary in pdf is here
Science vocabulary in Word is here

Sept. 26
Notes are here S180926Pressure3.pdf

Sept. 25
Notes are here S180925PressureDay2.pdf

Sept. 24
Notes are here S180924StartPressure.pdf


Sept. 20
Notes are here S180920Inertia.pdf

Sept. 18
Notes are here S180918ForcePairs.pdf

Sept. 17
Today we did activity 2.1 where students went around the room to different stations for an activity where they had to identify all of the forces involved.


Sept. 13-14
We did a diagram drawing lesson in preparation for our analysis of forces and motion.  The notes are here Drawing Lesson.pdf

Sept. 12
Guest teacher today

  1. Read and take notes pages 124-131
  2. Write questions and answers on page 131   #1-2
  3. Write questions and answers on page 148 #5,6,9
Students can do QIA if they want to instead of writing the questions. (Questions in answers)

Sept. 11
Notes are here S180911PE.pdf

Sept. 10
Virtual Newton's Cradle


Sept. 7
Notes are here S180907ForceAndMotionUnitBallShooter.pdf

Sept. 6
We started our new unit today on force and motion called
         Why Does It Move?
Notes are here S180906StartForceAndMotionUnit.pdf


Aug. 30
Notes are here S180830CenterOfMassAndStability.pdf

Aug. 29
Notes from today are here S180829StartCenterOfMass.pdf

Aug. 27

Syllabus is here
Parent Homework is here

Sample of this Website from Last Year is below

Sept. 20
, 2017
Notes are here S170920ForcePairModels.pdf

Sept. 18, 2017
Notes for today are here S170918ContactAndDistantForces.pdf


Sept. 15
, 2017
Notes from today are here S170915ForcePairs.pdf

Sept. 14
, 2017
We did activity 2.1 where students observed an apparatus and made notes.  We are working toward identifying force pairs in systems. Activity 2_1 worksheet.pdf

Sept. 13
, 2017
Notes from today are here S170913aVernier Caliper.pdf

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