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Policy for Late Work (under construction)

I will be giving all students two Tiger Passes which will allow students to turn in an assignment late without penalty for up to five days.  If the passes are not used then they can be turned in for extra credit at the end of the quarter.  
Details are below:

Assignment Due-Date Policy


1.  Assignments are due the next day--unless stated otherwise.  


2.  Late work is accepted only for the following reasons:

If you do not get a progress report, it is probably because the email address that I have on record through the office is out of date.  Please send me your current email address to

Extra Credit

5 or 10 points added to the total number of points in a grading period.  It is like adding 5 or 10 points to a test that has normal weighting.  For example, if you made 15 points on a 28 point test you could bring it up to 25 points.  Extra credit is designed to help students who have all of their work turned in and is usually pretty demanding and time consuming.  Consider how few points you will get when you commit to doing extra credit.  

All extra credit must be approved by me before starting the work.  I will tell you up front what the likely number of points will be.  The intention is that the student will learn more about some aspect of Physics while helping other students to understand as well.  Extra credit work will almost always be something that gets constructed for classroom use or display.  

There is now a form required that has a section that has to have a description and diagram of the work to be done and that needs to be signed by me before starting.  When turned in, the form requires the student to submit a scientific explanation to go along with the verbal explanation.  The written report will not be "read aloud" but will be turned in before the demonstration.

Limit of two extra credit projects per year and only one for any semester.

Below are sites where you can find some ideas.  They are not my sites, I have only provided links to them.  Most of what you find on them will not be valid for extra credit but there are worthy ideas as well as lousy ideas.

My suggestion is to e-mail me the links to five or six things to see what I will accept.

Toys made from junk (in India)

Huge Site with lots of links where you can build cool stuff for science

Links to external sites

UCLA site with tons of resources for teachers and students.  It has videos, simulations, lab manuals, demonstrations, and much more.

WiiMote Sites

Multi touch Youtube video

Files you will need:

SmoothBoard can be found here

Help for understanding Physics

Fear of Physics  

The Physics Classroom  Physics Tutorials     A good site for help in physics

Speed of Sound Calculator

Physics and Math Applets - many! 

The Physics Hypertextbook

Physics 1501 (college intro website)

Online Physics Videos for instruction

Mr. Wayne's Class

Mr. Wayne's Class's Physics Teacher's Resource Pages

Mechanical Universe Video Series is here

A cool site submitted by Paul in Washington State on Newton's Laws.  You can find it here.  Thanks, Paul!

Virtual TI-83Plus Calculator to keep on your computer (nice!)  Note: you will need to have the ROM code from your own TI-83Plus calculator to enable this program.  Press 2nd, Mem, 1 to get it.

Quadratic Solver Works well and resides on your computer

The Grand Illusion This is a great site with lots of stuff to do and also stuff to buy.

Exploratorium Phenomenon Index

Physics 2000

Electronics Tutorials at

Links to The Physics Factbook

Talking Tapes

Science Toys you can make

Inventor's Handbook

The Secret Life of Machines Homepage

Invisible Inks

Bad Movie Physics

How everyday things are made

Earth Science Links

Edible Science      This is the reference site for just about EVERYTHING

Bad Science

Rube Goldberg

Ripcord's Trebuchet Stuff

Trebuchet Challenge Game

Science Toys you can make

Audio and 3-D Sound


Gauss Rifle

Home-made Van De Graff


Pop Pop Boats

Slide Rules - Great place to design custom T-shirts

Interesting and useful links about all things electrical can be found through one of our suppliers
and it is here

Science Supplies and Cool Toys to Buy

Archie McFee - Strange Toys and gags

Educational Innovations - A great science and science toy source

Arbor Scientific - one of my favorite science supply sites

Edmund Scientifics - a great,older company with lots of optics and new lines of stuff

I have not purchased from these sellers but they look interesting.

Smoke Ring "Mighty Blaster"

Explore4fun  Science Toy catalog

Geek Toys - for home and office

Electromagnetic Toys