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Dan's Rebus Collection (I made these)
Note:  I will put the answers at the bottom of this page.  One thing that you need to know is that I have a very well equipped office at home.

Answers are here

Finding Binge Absolution in a Do-Si-Do

An funny audio essay on Girl Scout Cookies by Marc Acito

YouTube Videos
Expanding Table from Reclaimed Barn Wood
Geared Business Card
Business Card that turns into catapult
Penny Shooter Business Card (with ten penny magazine)
Sulfur HexaFloride Gas - opposite of Helium
Toilet Paper Launcher with Leaf Blower
Standing Waves using pendulums
Very cool marble machine

Hidden Compartments

Cool Sites

Above is a New York Times link where you answer questions on how you refer to different items (sub, grinder, hogie, etc) and they then match you to a geographical region based on your answers.
Some cool science videos

Answers to the Rebus Puzzles:

Christmas Rebus for my wife.pdf
     Here is your gift card to Barnes and Noble.  Look in the copier.
     Key terms - Ear, Island (minus Land), Oar, Gift, Barns, Noble, Look (says the boy),
                        Cop, Eyore

Term rebus.pdf
     The term is almost over, HooRay!
      Key terms -  Perm, Hiss, Ewe (female sheep), rover (Mars)

Time Rebus.pdf
     Well, my Junior Mints, time to be started.
      Key terms - Well, MI (abbreviation for Michigan), Junior Mints (a nickname for my
                         students), Time, Bee, Star, Teddy (-dy).  Grammar is off but it was my
                         first try and my students like it.

Wife's Year Rebus.pdf (given to her on her birthday)
Jennifer, I hope this year is a super good one.
       Key terms - Gin, Fur (fur tree), Eye, Hoe, Hiss, Ear,
Island (minus Land), Hay (A),
                         Soup, Rrrrr,  Good, (Good, Better, Best progression) One.

Snow Day Follow Up Rebus
         I do not want to startle all of you, but we need to move on.
          Key Terms: Eye, Doe (do), Knot, one + t, Tulips - Lips, Star + turtle - tur, You,
                            Butt, Whee!, Knee + d, To, Moo + V, On.