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Classwork and Homework: 

QIA - Question in Answer - make a new statement that includes both the question and answer.  
            This is how all homework questions should be answered

             (this is not an assignment - just a guideline)

 Heat Test Review 2016-2017.pdf

Sound And Wave Review 2016-2017.pdf
Sound And Wave Review Key Ans 2016-2017.pdf

Light Unit review Condensed .pdf
Light Review With Answers.pdf

Answers to electricity review ElectricityTestReviewKey.pdf

May 30
Notes from today are here CP170530cKWHR.pdf

May 23
Notes are here 170523bComboCircuits.pdf

May 16
Soldering day today. Notes are here SolderingDay.pdf

May 15
Notes are here CP170515cElectroMag2.pdf

May 5

Test today

May 1
Answers to the review paper are here CP Light Review With Answers.pdf


April 28
Handout for in-class work is here Light Unit review Condensed .pdf

April 27
Notes are here CP170427cEye.pdf

April 24
Notes are here CP170424cLensDiagrams.pdf


April 21
Notes are here CP170421cLensLab.pdf

April 20
Notes are here CP170420cStartLenses.pdf

April 18
Notes are here CP170418cRefraction.pdf

Water Marbles can be purchased here: https://www.teachersource.com/product/growing-spheres/chemistry

April 14
Notes are here CP170414cReflectionAndMirrors.pdf

April 11-13  SAT, PSAT, and Work Keys Test Fest Week

Spring Break

March 29
Notes are here CP170329cColor.pdf
The Mysterious Glowing Ball can be purchased here https://www.teachersource.com/product/mysterious-glowing-ball/light-color

March 28
Notes are here CP170328cSpectrum.pdf
Handout is here Electromagnetic spectrum to print_docx.pdf


March 21
Notes are here CP170321cReview.pdf
Answer key to the review is here Sound And Wave Review Key Ans 2016-2017.pdf

March 20
Review packet is here Sound And Wave CP Review 2016-2017.pdf


March 17
Topics for our sound test are here CP170317cReviewTopics.pdf
A review will be given Monday

March 16
Notes are here CP170316cStrings.pdf

March 15

Notes from today are here CP170315cBeatsSonar.pdf

March 14
Notes are here CP170314cResonance.pdf


March 8
No notes today - we did activities with resonance in large tubes.

March 7
Notes are here CP170307cMach.pdf

March 6
We went over the tests that were handed back and started on some sound activities.


March 2
Notes are here CP1702cStartWaves.pdf

March 1

Test today

Feb. 27
Review packets are here Heat Test Review 2016-2017.pdf
and here Heat Test Review 2016-2017.pdf

Feb. 16
Notes are here CP170216cThermos.pdf

Feb. 15
Notes are here CP170215cMinimizingTransfer.pdf

Feb, 14
Notes are here CP170214cHeatTransfer.pdf

Feb. 13
Notes are here CP170213cThermalExpansion.pdf


Feb. 9
Notes are here CP170208cEvaporation.pdf

Feb. 8
Notes are here CP170208cStartHeat.pdf

Feb. 6
Notes are here CP170206cPneumatics.pdf


Feb. 2
Finished our video today
Shortened schedule

Feb. 1
We watched part of a Modern Marvels on Hydraulics and can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmndyRI24wE&t=479s
The worksheet that goes with it is here ModernMarvelsHydraulicsWorksheet.pdf

Jan. 31
Notes are here CP170131cHydraulics.pdf

Jan. 30 - Start Semester 2
Notes are here CP170130cPressure.pdf


Jan. 24
Notes are here CP170124cReview.pdf

Jan. 23
More review today


Jan. 20
Today's worksheet is here Review worksheet of the big five CP.pdf
A review is here 
Review for Chapter 4 and 5 test 2015-2016 CP again.pdf
The answers are here
CP Review for Chapter 4 and 5 test answers .pdf

Jan. 19
Notes are here CP170119cReview.pdf

Jan. 18
Notes are here CP170118cReview.pdf

Jan. 17 - Ice Day

Jan 16 - MLK


Jan. 13
Notes are here CP170113cBernoulli.pdf

Jan. 12
No notes today, we watched a video about pressure.

Jan. 11
No notes.  We did a series of activities with pressure.

Jan. 10 Snow Day

Jan. 9
Notes are here CP170109cPressurePerInchSquared.pdf


Jan. 6
Notes are here CP170106cStartPressure.pdf

Jan. 5
Notes are here CP170105cGoOverHwkGravity.pdf

Jan. 4
Notes are here CP170104cStartGravitation.pdf
Homework is here Gravitation Attraction problems worksheet 2016-2017.pdf
Godzilla vs Mothra on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vtn1mIxfwGY

Jan. 3, 2017
Notes are here CP170103cGoOverTest.pdf


Dec. 16
Test today

Dec. 15
Answers to the review are here KE PE Work Power Pendulum Review answer key.pdf

Dec. 14
Review for the test is here KE PE Work Power Pendulum Review.pdf

Dec. 13
Notes are here CP161213cKEPEConservation.pdf


Dec. 9
Notes are here CP161209cPEKEPracticeAndDemo.pdf

Dec. 8
Notes are here CP161208cKEPEConversions.pdf
Homework is here KE PE  worksheet 2016.pdf

Dec. 7
Notes are here CP161207cPendulums.pdf

Dec. 6
Pendulum lab today

Dec. 5
Notes are here CP161205cPEKEPractice.pdf


Dec. 2
Homework given out in class today is here KE PE Practice problems.pdf

Dec. 1
Notes are here CP161201cStartKEPE.pdf

Nov. 30

Notes are here CP161130cWorkPower.pdf

Nov. 29
Notes are here CP161129cWorkPower.pdf

Nov. 28
Notes are here CP151128cStartWork.pdf


Thanksgiving break

Nov. 21
We worked on some examples of eleastic and inelastic collisions using balls in the classroom and then off of the mezzanine.


Nov. 18

Notes are here CP161118cMomentumWithPelletGun.pdf

Nov. 17
We got back to momentum and the notes are here CP161117cMomentum.pdf

Nov. 16
We did a glass bending activity

Nov. 15
Notes from starting our studies of momentum are here CP161115cStartMomentum.pdf

Nov. 14

Notes from going over the test are here CP161114cGoOverTest.pdf


Nov. 11

Test on Simple Machines

Nov. 10
Notes from today's review are here CP161110cReviewMachines.pdf

Nov. 9
Notes from going over most of the review are here CP161109cGoOverReviewDay1.pdf

Nov. 8
Notes are here CP161108cGoOverHwk.pdf
Handout for today is here MachineReviewforTest.pdf

Nov. 7
Handout from today is here Machine Practice sheet page 2.pdf


Nov. 3
We worked on an activity where students had to find parts on simple machines, diagram and label the drawings, and then calculate Ideal Mechanical Advantage.

Nov. 2
Notes are here CP161102cIMAMachinePractice.pdf

Nov. 1
Notes from today are here CP151101OtherMachines.pdf

Oct. 31
Notes are here CP161031cWheelAndAxle.pdf


Oct. 28
Notes are here CP161028cEfficiency.pdf

Oct. 27
Started going over lab, teacher got sick and a video was shown

Oct. 26
Pulley Lab

Oct. 25
Notes are here CP161025cPulleys.pdf

Oct. 24
Notes are here CP161024cStartMachines.pdf


Oct. 21
Notes are here CP161021cReducingFriction.pdf

Oct. 20
Notes are here CP161020cReducingFriction.pdf

Oct. 19
Notes are here CP161019cStartFriction.pdf

Oct. 18
Notes are here CP161018cFactorsAffectingFrictionLab.pdf
Lab is here Friction Lab CP - factors that affect friction activity 2016-2017.pdf

Oct. 17
Notes are here CP161017cAdditionOfForces.pdf


Oct. 14
Notes are here CP161014cFMA.pdf

Oct. 13
Notes are here CP161013cCofMPt2.pdf

Oct. 12
Today we learned about Center of Mass and Stability - No notes

Oct. 11
Notes are here from going over our test CP161011cGoOverTest.pdf

Oct. 10
Notes from the drawing lesson are here Drawing Lesson.pdf


Oct. 6
Test day

Oct. 5
We went over the answers to the review and they are here CP161005cReview2.pdf

Oct. 4
Review packet given out today is here Review worksheet of the big five CP.pdf

Oct. 3
Test Thursday
The review sheet is here TestHughMorris.pdf


Sept. 29
Notes are here CP160929cMorePractice.pdf

Sept. 28
Notes from today are here CP160928cBig5Practice.pdf

Sept. 26
Notes are here CP160926cFindingGinGym.pdf


Sept. 22
Lab that we did is here Coffee Filter Terminal Velocity.pdf

Sept. 21
No notes today

Sept. 20
Notes are here CP160920cGandTerminalVelocity.pdf

Sept. 19
We did a lab collecting data from tossing a ball in the air.  We used the Vernier LabQuests and the motion sensor.  Notes are here CP160919cBallToss.pdf


Sept. 16
Notes are here CP160916cGravityWeight.pdf

Sept. 15
Notes are here CP160915cSpeedAccVelocity.pdf

Sept. 14
Homework/classwork is here:
Pg. 13  # 1, 2
Pg. 16 #1, 2
Pg. 25  # 1, 2, 6, 9, 12
Write the question and the answer, really.

Sept. 13
Notes are here CP160913cBigFive.pdf

Sept. 12
Notes are here CP160912c.pdf


Sept. 9
Notes are here CP160909cFarmeOfRef.pdf
Youtube video of Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsoYyDlYU8M

Sept. 8
Notes are here CP160908cDiminsionalAnal3.pdf

Sept. 7
Notes are here CP160907cDimensionalAnalysisWorksheet.pdf

Sept. 6
Notes from today are here CP160905cDimensionalAnalysis.pdf
Handout from today is here Conversion practice for CP2.pdf
Homework is to complete the first side of the handout, due tomorrow in class.


Sept. 1
Notes are here CP160901cStartConversions.pdf

Aug. 31
Notes are here CP160831cGraphingStartVelocity.pdf

Aug. 30
Notes from today are here CP160830cCarsOnRampVsAngle.pdf

Aug. 29

Conceptual Physics Homework for Parents - Due Thursday, September 1

Email from Parent/guardian - Parents, please send me an email with your

1, child's first and last name as the subject. and

2. your contact numbers, best times, etc.  

You are welcome to send any praise, suggestions on what works well with your child, allergies, and anything else you feel might be helpful to me.  Please send it from the email address that is best to use when contacting you.     My address is   keithd@gowcs.net   

Alternate assignment is to just have your child bring a written version of this.

While this assignment will not count against your child’s grade, it is an important step in establishing good communications between home and school for science.

Note: If you do not have the PowerSchool login information please let the office know so that they can get a copy of that to you.  It is important that your child's grades be checked at home at least weekly since PowerSchool has taken the place of progress reports.  

Textbook - your child will have a Conceptual Physics textbook book which should be left at home.  We have a class set of extra books for use in class.  This way, your child has a book wherever it is needed without having to carry around an extra book.  It saves wear and tear on the books as well.

Textbook resources for students can be found here

Online book from another school can be found here

Progress Reports - Parents and Students should look for updates on grades in PowerSchool.  
I will usually post grades in the classroom every week or two, by student number rather than name for privacy.  
PowerSchool - log in here

Late Work Policy 

I will be giving all students two Tiger Passes which will allow students to turn in an assignment late without penalty for up to five days.  If the passes are not used then they can be turned in for extra credit at the end of the trimester.  
Details are below:

Assignment Due Date Policy

1.  Assignments are due the next day--unless stated otherwise.

2.  Late work is accepted only for the following reasons:

Extra Credit - 5 or 10 points added to the total number of points in a grading period.  It is like adding 5 or 10 points to a test that has normal weighting.  For example, if you made 15 points on a 28 point test you could bring it up to 25 points.  Extra credit is designed to help students who have all of their work turned in and is usually pretty demanding and time consuming.  Consider how few points you will get when you commit to doing extra credit.

All extra credit must be approved by me before starting the work.  I will tell you up front what the likely number of points will be.  The intention is that the student will learn more about some aspect of Physics while helping other students to understand as well.  Extra credit work will almost always be something that gets constructed for classroom use or display.

There is now a form required that has a section that has to have a description and diagram of the work to be done and that needs to be signed by me before starting.  When turned in, the form requires the student to submit a scientific explanation to go along with the verbal explanation.  The written report will not be "read aloud" but will be turned in before the demonstration.

Below are sites where you can find some ideas.  They are not affiliated with me or my course and most of what you find on them will not be valid for extra credit but there are worthy ideas among the ones that are not useful.

I have many ideas for projects that would get immediate approval.  Limit of two extra credit projects per year and only one for any semester. 

Toys made from junk (in India)

Huge Site with lots of links where you can build cool stuff for science


Links (external):

Virtual TI-83Plus Calculator to keep on your computer (nice!)  Note: you will need to have the ROM code from your own TI-83Plus calculator to enable this program.  Press 2nd, Mem, 1 to get it.


Talking Tapes

Electronics Tutorials at www.electronics-tutorials.ws

Science Toys you can make

Inventor's Handbook

The Secret Life of Machines Homepage

Invisible Inks

Bad Movie Physics

How everyday things are made

Earth Science Links

Edible Science


http://www.martindalecenter.com/      This is the reference site for just about EVERYTHING

Bad Science

Rube Goldberg

Ripcord's Trebuchet Stuff

Trebuchet Challenge Game

Science Toys you can make

Audio and 3-D Sound


Gauss Rifle

Home-made Van De Graff


Pop Pop Boats

Nuclear Power Plant Simulation

Science Supplies and Cool Toys to Buy

Archie McFee - Strange Toys and gags

Educational Innovations - A great science and science toy source

Arbor Scientific - one of my favorite science supply sites

Edmund Scientifics - a great,older company with lots of optics and new lines of stuff

I have not purchased from these sellers but they look interesting.

Smoke Ring "Mighty Blaster"

Explore4fun  Science Toy catalog

Geek Toys - for home and office

Electromagnetic Toys

Hewitt Conceptual Physics Online Textbook and ancillary materials


user name: southwest physics

password:  Lakers15